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New Design: Diesel Diva

Diesel Diva You are a Diesel Diva and you know it!!! Now let everyone else know it too! Whether you just love the trucks or you are a badass honey that knows as much about diesels as they do. This garment is for you…the Diesel Diva! Design by Daley Graphics.

Video: Meet Our Pride Truck Wash Team

Introducing our Pride Truck Wash team! PRIDE Truck washes provide thousands of wash services to 18 wheelers each month. We also wash hundreds of smaller diesel trucks such as straight trucks, dump trucks, cranes, roll backs and wreckers of all sorts. Pride Truck Wash also washes hundreds of diesel pickups that cannot fit into an…
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Our New Diesel Pride Truck – “The Bear”

Meet “The Bear” Exciting News! We recently got back our Ford 6.7 Super Duty F250 from the shop and are thrilled with the new truck wrap! We can’t wait to show it off at our first show.

Video: Pride Truck Wash

We wash with PRIDE! Our customers are the reason why we are here! You are our top priority. Our goal is for you to leave happy each and every time. We listen to your needs and do our best to meet them. If you want to be treated with the best customer service, then we…
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Diesel Fuel Only!

Jay being a diesel guy himself in his 6.7 Super Duty F250 has acted out on his passion to create and to start his vision for Diesel Pride. Jay has assembled a team of company owners to help him launch Diesel Pride. All the companies are based out of Indiana. All the artwork is custom…
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New Design: ‘Waiting on Dispatch’

We all can relate to this one. “Trucker Bob” shares a glimpse into the life of the working trucker. How many times has this happened to you? Out on the road, miles and miles from home, with only one obstacle in your way… Dispatch. Many times the process of getting freight from one place to…
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New Design: The Crusher

The Crusher What can we say? This dude is jacked on the juice! Diesel, that is… Ode to the truck drivers that keep America running, The Diesel Pride Crusher design brings it to life. Squeezing every last ounce of precious fuel out of a run is important. Whether you are delivering that crucial load or…
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New Design: Flatbed Forever

Flatbed Forever It takes a special breed of trucker to run a flatbed. The versatility of the flatbed, in itself, says a lot about the operator. All the loads that don’t fit neatly in a box, or can’t possibly fit in a trailer, those are jobs for a flatbed. And once you have run a…
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