Announcing the Inaugural Diesel Pride Truck Show – April 27th-29th in Columbus, IN

Announcing the Inaugural Diesel Pride Truck Show – April 27th-29th in Columbus, IN

Event: Diesel Pride Truck Show 2018
Dates: April 27th-29th, 2018
Times: TBA
Location: Ceraland Park – Columbus, IN
Tickets: $5 at the gate, 11 under are free
Show Vehicles: Registration Form
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About Our Show

We are welcoming all big rigs and diesel pickups along with diesel enthusiast to the show. Bring your trucks, campers, lawn chairs, coolers and be ready for a relaxing weekend with great food, entertainment and good times! We will soon list a few hotels you can chose from if you don’t stay at the park.  Our goal is to give appreciation towards our customers and fans while raising money to donate to the CERAland Park and to the Vietnam Veterans of America.

The founder, Jay Bryant of PRIDE Truck Wash and Diesel Pride lost his father to agent orange exposure and he want’s to help those Vietnam Veterans that are in need of help. There will be no entry fee for trucks to enter the show. Only a small gate fee to enter the park. We are asking all that attend to donate what they can afford towards the cause. Every penny counts for this park and our Veterans!

PRIDE Truck Wash will be set up Thursday and Friday to offer wash services to any trucks entering the show. The washing charges will be the same as it would be if you were at one of our truck wash locations. There is no brightening or degreasing permitted. Only soap and spot free water. Truck washing hours are 10am to 7pm Thursday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday will be time of setting up the trucks and socializing with all those attending. There will be a “lightem up” show down Friday night until 9:30pm. Awards will go out to those that light up the darkness the best which will be decided by the people. To those that wish to bring a firearm to the range there will be a shoot out competition for prizes.

If golf is your thing there will also be a miniature golf shoot out for prizes. There are more competitive fun activities throughout the weekend such as fishing and a free throw shoot out. Prizes can range from free Diesel Pride gear, free truck wash, free Trux chrome sets or light bars.

Saturday evening we will enjoy entertainment from our favorite local band HT3. You will love them as we do. Sunday we will wrap things up from 10am to noon with announcing all of our vendors, sponsors and thanking those that donated. When it’s time for departure, I would like to ask that everyone one leave together as one big convoy to honor the cause, our truck drivers, military, police, fireman and for those that attended the show. Pictures will be taken with every truck and it’s driver for the future video of Diesel Pride and PRIDE Truck Wash’s Inaugural Truck Show!

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